The Author

Patsy Mullen

The man himself in his museum posed for a local newspaper.

Born 1st June 1921 in Annsborough (County Down, Northern Ireland) Patsy Mullen was himself a true local character. Moving across “the Town” to Seaview and then to Newcastle for a time strengthened his curiosity for the people and history of this beautiful part of Co. Down. Patsy bought the old police barracks in 1960 and kept a thriving garage going there until his retirement in 1985.

During his working life Patsy made a point of collecting bits and pieces of Castlewellan history, both written and artefacts, but it was on retirement that this became a way of life. People from far and near left articles of interest with Patsy, to the extent that one of the best local Museums in Ireland was created. Eventually in 1994 Patsy handed his collection into the safe keeping of Down County Museum where a rotating display of a selection of the exhibits are now maintained.

This book was first written and printed by Patsy in 1986 and is a tribute to his memories and diligent recording of life in “the Town”. Many buildings have changed hands again in the time since then but the unique character of Castlewellan captured forever in this book lives on in the daily lives and memories of people like Mr. Patsy Mullen.

Patsy passed away on the 4th of November 2017 in Greenvale House Residential Home just a 1/2 mile from where he was born.