This condensed version of life in Castlewellan, was written in 1986, as a tribute to all those people who kept the little Town alive for the last 86 years and, no less so, to the vast number who have since disappeared and could not be traced. It was compiled from information, almost entirely from memory, and photographs gladly presented by the whole community; thus giving all an equal share in the project. For any discrepancies which, undoubtedly, must occur, apologies are humbly offered.


My thanks to:

Ita Mullen, Castlewellan
Eileen Mullen, Belfast
(Checking Draft)
Eileen Mullen, Belfast
Jill Hutton, Belfast
(Typing Manuscript)
Mel Mullen, Castlewellan
Cyril Wells, Newcastle
(Assisting with Photography)

Amendment by P.M. in 1994